Issues in arranged marriages

Issues in arranged marriages

Most of the Indian people try to convince their children to do arrange marriage as they think arranged marriage are most successful and happier to arranged marriage but it is not quite true.  There are many cases in which a boy or a girl marry to the person of their parents but today they are facing difficulty in surviving that relationship.  Simply put, issues in arranged marriages are common these days and you cannot guarantee that there will be no problem if you will do arrange marriage.  If you are facing any difficulty in arranged marriage like your spouse doesn’t care for you or he/she has illicit relationship or he/she doesn’t like you as you are not fair enough or because of your dark complexion etc then it is high time to consult our astrologer for arranged marriage problem fixed solution.

Issues in arranged marriages- types of arrange marriage

Arrange Marriage is that marriage in which a boy/girl marries to a person of their parents’ choice without knowing each other.  This type of marriage is very popular in India.  There is two type of arrange marriage.  In the first type, a boy or girl doesn’t meet their partner before the day of the wedding.  And in the second type of arrange marriage parents find the suitable boy or girl for their daughter or son.  After this, they introduce them to each other. To meet each other and to learn, they meet them one or more times.  Marriage depends on both of them what they think of each other, and both decide whether they should get married or not.  This kind of marriage in which the family meets the boy and the girl, and leaves the final decision on marriage to both of them is called introduced arranged marriage.

Stuck in an arranged marriage-easy solution to get out of it

Many broad-minded people marry to the person of their parents’ choice and later they believe that have been stuck in an arranged marriage.  The reason they think this is that their wife or husband actually most of the time this happens with the man.  For an example their wife always keeps eye on them, always question them whom you were talking to, why you go outside when your phone bell rang etc.  If your wife is also irritating you in this way and you think you have done an arranged marriage mistake then we advise you to use vashikaran on your wife after vashikaran he/she will never bother you again and if you want assistance in vashikaran then do consult our astrologer expertise to solve Issues in arranged marriages.

Arranged marriage pressure- Fear of arranged marriage

At a certain age of a boy or a girl generally, at 22 to 27 in India parents try to fix the marriage of their children to complete their responsibility for them.  But it is seen that many youngsters feel pressure before arrange marriage.  Like whether they can take responsibility of their wife or few youngsters feel pressure because of their unemployment or they want to achieve something in their life before their marriage.  And few girls feel pressure because of their virginity loss before arrange marriage and they feel will their husband will accept them with this etc.  If you are under any such pressure and want to convince your parents that you want to marry later then do consult our specialized astrologer of issues in arranged marriages or if the case is related to virginity and if you don’t want to consult us then you may consult a physician too as there are much technique is available which you can use to prove your husband you are a virgin.  And if a boy is well educated then discuss this matter and may it be possible that he doesn’t believe in all aerial things related to virginity.