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How to stop divorce

How to stop divorce

Marriage is a sacred bond.  In accordance with Indian theology, this bond is set up for birth after birth.  It’s also believed that this bond remains till your 7th birth as the human.  But in the case of many couples, it is seen that they cannot play this relationship and the matter reaches the divorce so that you want to know how to stop divorce.  Why a divorce is done, the astrological explanation along with sociological discussions on this topic is also necessary so that the reasons for the problem can be understood by examining its causes so after this appropriate measure can be utilized to stop divorce.

How to stop divorce by astrology-about the various yogas in horoscope that creates divorce situation

The science of Indian spiritual science was considered important in the diagnosis of any problem in mythological times.  But at present people don’t believe in the mythological text and they say work is adoration and few atheist people who don’t want the divorce they don’t have knowledge of astrology to stop divorce i.e. but you want to know that know that How to stop divorce by astrology then astrology plays the vital role in creating conflicts between you and your spouse which later turn into divorce situation.  Today we will discuss with you what are various yogas in the horoscope that later leads to divorce if appropriate measure not taken timely.

  1. If the owner of the fourth house is sitting in the sixth house of the horoscope or if the master of the sixth house is seated in the fourth house then the situation of the divorce arise
  2. If only Saturn is present in Pancham Bhavya and only Rahu is situated in the seventh house, even then divorces has been seen
  3. If the vision of cruel planets is on the mars in the horoscope of either of the husband or wife divorce situation has been seen

There are many more other factors in the kundali that leads to divorce so get your horoscope analyzed by our black magic astrologer Shankar Lal Tantrik and get instant arrangement and solution to stop divorce.

How to stop my divorce and save my marriage-astrological remedies and totke save marriage

If there is a problem then the solution is also somewhere, so first reason should be known and treat it as if the problem is due to the planet due to the fault, then first make the planet peace.  Then only after resorting to some tricks, the following tricks can be very effective and is tried and tested totke to stop divorce and save the marriage.

  1. Place the veer bhangima hanuman picture on the wall of your house
  2. check the horoscope if the situation of divorce is due to the fury of Rahu, then walk 7 times in anticlockwise direction around the sculpture in South Face Hanuman temple
  3. If the reason behind divorcing is Saturn, then offer Hanumanji jaggery and then feed it to the black cow if there is a situation like a divorce due to the Sun, then offer jaggery roti and Tomato sabji to the east Mukhi Hanuman temple then feed the old couple after offering the offerings

Do these totke and remedy to stop divorce only after contacting our astrologer Shankar Lal Acharya.

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